Three Seeds — Charles Eisenstein

I’m grateful for this essay, “The Three Seeds.” Shared by Lisa Hess, whom I know through a few contexts of learning and journey. Written by Charles Eisenstein in 2010, who has such a way of helping to narrate the times in which we live.

It’s about the bigger human story of separation. It’s about the longer arc of unfolding. It’s about the bigger human possibility of reunion. It’s about “…rejoining the community of all being….”

I’m drawn to the bigger story. It’s a way of reconnecting to some sanity for me. I need the day to day also. Steps. Commitments. Contributions. But it’s the bigger story that feels most missing to me. A clarity of purpose. A connection to the longer arc. A remembering of what it means to be living as humans now.

I’m glad for this version of bigger story. And for Lisa. And for Charles.

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  1. I love this piece and what strikes me is the absence of mentioning African wisdom (the birth place of us all) as the original seed. Someone once said to me that we will continue to struggle as a species until we live to love the African woman (all of our original mother) because no one can thrive while still hating their mother.

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