Through Me — Nicole Frederickson

Photo by Libby Smith

I love all of this post by Nicole Frederickson.

It’s Nicole capping a 100-day challenge of writing. As a writer, it excites me when anyone commits to such a journey. I know some of the transition that occurs — from writing words to being written.

It’s Nicole’s sharing what changed her inner and outer. These always neighbor each other, inviting passage to more connection and awareness.

It’s the sweet pairing that Nicole and Saoirse Charis Graves created — Saoirse adding haiku each day. This for the 100th day.

Living as beloved,
Living each new day freely,
Embodying love.

It’s the Derek Walcott poem, Love After Love, that Nicole included, that ends, “Sit. Feast on your life.” What beautiful encouragement.

It’s the photos taken by Libby Smith, who has such a keen eye for beauty and for wonder.

It’s knowing that these three people came to find each other through Fire & Water, the Leadership & Rite of Passage Journey that Quanita Roberson and I created and host. Quite beautiful anytime that people can meet at such heart-opened places.

It’s Nicole harvesting and linking titles to each of her posts. Even the titles by themselves are an encouraging and intriguing read.

And it’s these beautiful closing words from Nicole’s post.

“I’ve learnt plenty along the way, about myself as a writer, how I clearly am deeply connected to the sky, how I can relinquish and surrender the thoughts and cares of who’s reading, finding deep purpose in my own journeying… trusting whoever shows up are the right people. 

I smile as I see how the journey continues to bring me closer and closer to finding my voice. As I continue to learn to “say what’s mine to say … not what I think another needs to hear.”

Here’s to the groove created, when any of us commit to a practice of noticing, that begins with what is right in front of us. And from that noticing, beginning to welcome the evolution of ourselves that grows from many moments of right now. And from that evolution, creating further meaningful union with others and with Life itself.

A heartfelt bow. Through me.

3 Replies to “Through Me — Nicole Frederickson”

  1. love. this.

    loved participating, being invited, carrying the thread …

    loved how we came to the place of “being written” by the words, the images, the time and space we each inhabited.

  2. A deep chest rub with so much gratefulness and much love.

    “From writing words to being written.” That.

    Thank you for making that groove easier one for me to travel.

    “I need you so I can see me.”

    N 💙

  3. Perhaps this is one of the great journeys to name. The surrender. The intuition. The acute belly listening to “being written.” Or “being sung.” Or “being flowed.” This I know happens with more ease when in company with others living such practice. A bow.

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