Again from a walk at South Whidbey Island State Park.

There is something in the driftwood,
and in the trees still connected to ground,
yet tide-washed,
that holds my attention.

There are giants. Smoothed by wind and water over geologic time.

Ah, again with invitation to work with the symbol in front of me and make it personal with a bit of projection,

I know smoothed in me.
I know rough edges in me.
I hope that in the end
it means something,
the soul’s path.
“Fallen tree” is a momentary reference.
I hope that I’m able to see
the tide-smoothed,
geologic in others.
I hope they are able to see it in me.
I hope I can see it in me.

And enjoy it like I enjoyed South Whidbey Island State Park of the Puget Sound.


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