Time to Move Through

Utah Lake, Looking North & East to Provo Canyon

I know that many of us are alert to awareness. And healing. And wholeheartedness. Sometimes it’s the flow. Sometimes it’s a little extra kindness with some wound care. I know that such circumstance is part of growing in life and with life. Cheers to the wisdom that takes root, steadying what is now and what may come again. Cheers to the communities that hold us, be they the friends that meet us for coffee, or the beings that watch invisibly from the next chair over.

This morning I found myself lingering with time, not wishing to rush too quickly. This morning I found myself in these words and images.

Some things
just take time
to move through.

The ever so slight paper cut
will need a few days
and perhaps some anti-infection gel.

The strained calf muscle
might need a week
with rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

The tired mind, so committed to tenacity
might need a period
of quiet, and birds chirping, and wind rustling through trees.

And the wounded heart
needs time
to face the unfaced, and perhaps unface the faced.

Some things
just take time
to move through.

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