Today’s Society

Today's Society

I saw this yesterday on Chris Corrigan‘s Facebook post. Chris posted the simple words, “We are all connected.” I love the invitation and challenge he offers.

The best humor, I find, is the stuff that is true, and that shows the absurd. How absurd to think of being comfortable on the top end of the boat when the back of it is close to going under. How absurd to distance ourselves from what is so close. How absurd to not see the grand body of water that they are about to sink in. How absurd to deny connection.

I don’t think it is about everything connected in every way. But I do think that connection is a disposition. It’s not just an airy fairy mission statement. It’s an attitude and expectation. It is a red thread in the story. That’s different than the disposition (intended or unintended), attitude, red thread, and story of separation, AND, the behavior, practices, and policies that separation creates.

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