Toward Pheasant Brook

On the way to Pheasant Brook, Lindon, Utah


I walked this morning.
Down Lakeview toward Pheasant Brook Park.

The sky was mostly blue.
The sun shined.
Dogs barked.

I did in fact see a Ring Necked Pheasant
that nervously scrambled from bushes,
startled by my passing.

That bird was impressive,
full color against the brown of yet un-budded spring.

I needed that walk today. 
To feel an unquarantined world.
To see majestic mountain.
To say and receive sun-warmed “Good morning”
with woman walking in opposite direction.

We are all a little nervous these days,
wondering about safety for ourselves, our loved ones,
and the postponed world around us.

We are all a little startled
and jarred by hyperbole that has become reality.

This time will pass.
There is budding yet to happen.
Open fields will grow vegetables.
Dogs will lick our hands, tails wagging.

There is much impressive beauty
among us,
and ahead of us. 


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