Trouble Shooting

“Trouble shooting.” It’s quite a phrase.

Troubles, sure. Things to be addressed. Problems to tend to, even solve. OK, good stuff and needed there, particularly with technical and mechanical circumstance.

And, one of the most delightful questions I’ve been including in my living and working repertoire the last few years comes from the Practice For Peace community — “What if we weren’t trying to solve problems, but rather, were trying to practice peace inner and outer, including 1 meter around us?”

Shooting, hmmm. It’s common parlance. But the slightly attentive anthropologist within me, that appreciates word and phrase origins, cringes a little. It’s such a masculine default term. Implies all kinds of “power over.” “Exploring” perhaps? “Experimenting” perhaps?

Well, not trying to be too nutty with it. But, I am the kind of person that likes to explore many things, including default uses of language (and the imposed meaning that can sometimes surround and occupy).

Back to the non-philosophical. If you’ve been following this blog, and in particular have signed on to get email notifications of new posts, some strange things have been happening over the last two months. You might have gotten a few random posts / tests from me and from some of the GoDaddy Tech support wizards. You might have gotten nothing.

In a gremlin-exploring way, turns out, fingers crossed, the trouble might be a simple plug-in that is outdated, or just not able to handle the complexity of all things digital.

Let’s hope. I count on WordPress, blogging, and GoDaddy hosting as an important channel for sharing and contributing.

Thanks for staying with. Greetings from a St. Patricks Day morning in Utah.

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