Tweets of the Weeks

  • Watching Zoe and her company dance at annual competition. Lyrical. Hip Hop coming.
  • Conversational leadership requires awareness on what motivates. Conversation connects us to purpose, which motivates. #blplc2011
  • “@JF_Hivon: #blplc2011 Orgs great at starting new projects: not so great at stopping things that don’t work. CREATE an org TO DON’T list”
  • Going through theme-catcher notes to identify themes, practices, emerging ideas, killer questions — at #blplc2011
  • Going into opening keynote, Meg Wheatley, at Leadership Saskatoon. Will be catching themes for dialogue poems. #blplc2011
  • @benjaminaaron: through external attention & internal intention consciousness contracts into dissipative structures we process as identities
  • April snow in Utah Valley. Saturday surprise that I woke to…
  • Reflections from my friend Bob Stilger of a Zimbabwe experience we shared and how it relates to current Japan:
  • Friend Cindy at Quantum Leadership Workshop: “In Newtonian World, the game is certainty. In Quantum, it is co-creation.”
  • My friend Carla Kelley of HREC Utah at Quantum Leadership Workshop: “Love is all that exists. Everything else is a distraction.”


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