Tweets of the Weeks

  • I assume capacity to act. To get busy. To go fast. To get things done. To be smart. All qualities of doing. An… (cont)
  • When energy is brought into form, it becomes accessible. Writing does that. For the energy, the form, and the process of touching energy.
  • Learning that, for me, writing is a practice of letting consciousness flow through me so that I can occasionally express it in words.
  • Berkana’s Bob Stilger: “decision happening” rather than “decision making.” Uses collective discernment, inquiry rather than driving quickly.
  • Friend Chris Corrigan on emergence: when everybody leaves from the party with something that nobody came with.
  • Simple bits of encouragement on meditation forwarded from my friend Christy Lee-Engle:
  • That’s my son Elijah. A walk tonight in the neighborhood to feed carrots to the horses.
  • RT @acuginotti: When we learn that knowing models are not enough to succeed, we have less copyright madness and more collaborative action.
  • At Four Winds energy medicine school. Fire ceremony, bands of protection, and other practices in deep levels of hosting.
  • Fireflies and sheet lightening tonight in Stockbridge, MA. Nice for a walk after more at 4 Winds energy medicine school.
  • At the Stockbridge Bowl, last evening before completing at 4 Winds.
  • What is possible in working with light, developing a relationship with light? Learning illumination practices as healing energy.
  • Delighted to welcome Yuya-san and Katsu-san tonight to our Lindon home. Catching up on Japan stories, ALIA, and more.
  • Some important work from my friend Margaret Wheatley on comfort with uncertainty. Times are changing.
  • Life as practice. Not role-playing. As being in process of learning, improving. As imprinting. As gaining cellular memory.
  • Two upcoming AoH trainings. Early bird registration now. Saskatchewan: Bowen Island:
  • Lovely from Judith Blackstone: It is through inward contact with our own organism that we become capable of true contact with other people.

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