Tweets of the Weeks

  •  #AoHSask Celebrating some really good work, and this representation of it offered by Shelley Keyes:
  • Research from BYU: Being socially disconnected equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes / day. We are a meant to remember ourselves as web.
  • With Sono & Teresa on QIN learning: Patterned pathologies when gifting becomes charity and naming becomes labeling.
  • Oxygen supports life – but breathing oxygen is not the purpose. Money supports companies, but money is not their purpose. OS LIst.
  • Super grateful for fall in Saskatchewan. Reminds me of the 10 years of doing so as a young boy for Thanksgiving weekends in Kerrobert.
  • #AoHSask — Complete with this event. Not complete with the learning. Much stirring as I harvest, reflect, reach out.
  • #AoHSask Great night with telling stories, sharing food, wine. Laughing. Ease of community.
  • #AoHSask Teaching Berkana kit on engaging community. Principles for freedom in design of social process.
  • #AoHSask Knowledge camp happening now. 2 Loops, Chaordic Stepping Stones. Good, powerful stories in the room.
  • #AoHSask Lovely checkin this morning from Vicki, Cathy. Grounding practice. Journaling. Mary Oliver poem.
  • #AoHSask Open Space on diving deep. Primed by 3 conditions for conversation: work, co-learning, relationships.
  • #AoHSask World view of diverge / converge with living system qualities overlaid.
  • #AoHSask Watching participants interact. There is a question to give it focus. However, mostly seeing it as energy activating.
  • #AoHSask
  • #AoHSask Lilly Tomlin – “Reality is only a widely shared consensual hunch.”
  • #AoHSask: In triads exploring world view that supports engagement and hosting.
  • Starting with checkin, beginning to notice what is emerging as important to offer here.
  • Friend Glen in New Zealand, as invitation to our work: “let our mastery lay in thinking from, not about the principles of our field.
  • Leaving now for six days of hosting and learning in Saskatchewan. With anticipation.
  • And further for process-based events: “Push practice. Not project.”
  • An essential for belief for process-based events (thanks Chris, Teresa, Mark): “Hold space for others to do their work.”
  • Moving poetry from Drew Dellinger — Planetize the Movement. Just enjoy and share (and care, dare to beware)!
  • I’m cohosting this. Join us. Came together with ease. Such skill and grace of the people on the team.
  • If you get circle (stillness, deliberateness, conditions for life flowing through), it’s easier to go deep in other practices.
  • RT @PeggyHolman: We can listen not just with our ears, but with all of our senses, including our heart and our intuition.
  • Gross National Happiness in Bhutan by Silver Donald Cameron — A TED Talk so worth watching:

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