Principles of Building Peace

Appreciating these eight principles, sent to me from my friend Rowan Simonsen, now in Bogota. They are a collection of principles from Disciplines of Peace. A 4 minute video with a bit of description is here.

1. Spirit as light emanates life force
2. True presence is the doorway to the great mystery
3. Wholeness is only experienced through diversity
4. The essence of identity is embedded in cellular memory
5. The darkness in the holy womb of light contains all light
6. The universal relationship of co-creation exists through cause and effect
7. Universal truth informs right action
8. All things are born of woman

It is 2,3,4 that I particularly resonate with as I continue to learn and explore world views. Presence as core capacity for times like these — yes! Wholeness experienced through the ever opening eyes, ears, and heart to a larger ecosystem — yes! Identity in cellular memory, that can be remembered and activated — yes to that too.

Number 8 also catches my attention. With an awareness and knowing. With an appreciation for the feminine (in me and others). And with a bit of jealously wanting the inclusion (“well wait a minute.”)

Thanks Rowan.

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