Tweets of Three Weeks

Some of the journey that had me hosting with labour educators in Port Elgin, Ontario, with Berkana friends in NY, AoH in Arnprior, a trip with my boy Isaac to Indianapolis, and moving… The most current on top — the oldest on the bottom.

– Today a new sun rises for me; everything lives, everything is animated… everything invites me to cherish it. Anne de Lenclos French Author

– Story is data with with a soul. Brene Brown, Researcher – Storyteller.

– Working in Utah, imagining a nonprofit to support local artists at next level. Moving from intellectual diversion to cultural investigators.

– Moving Day — From the Pleasant Springs apartment home of the last 18 months to a town home in Lindon. New adventure beginning.

– Settling in to 17 days in Utah after being on the road for 5 weeks. Moving too. Lunch with my daughter. And readying for UT Artists Thriving

– Just toured Indy Motor Speedway with Isaac, including a lap on the track. 100 year old track, built first on brick. Seats 250,000!

– Start with purpose and real intention (accessed through diverse voices) that is clear enough to hold an unfolding of the rest. #AoHArnprior

– With D Durham: Through interaction, we create a center, a hearth of possibility. The warmth is felt through the fire of people’s actions.

– Sweet closing circle. From the belly, promises, declarations, requests, and appreciations. Baricate! #AoHArnprior

– Knowledge Camp: Chaordic Stones Chris; Callings Jean; Theory U Jane; Harvesting and Appreciative Inquiry Tenn & Kathleen. #AoHArnprior

– Checkin with OH cards. Deep places. Provocative words and cards as symbols that offer us ways to project ourselves. #AoHArnprior

– Celebrations. Song. Stories. Music. Poetry. Community enjoying itself in such sweet ways. #AoHArnprior

– The Art of Hosting is the art of getting to places we need to go. And the only way out is through. Chris @ #AoHArnprior

– Lots of laughter as people call sessions in Open Space. The community has arrived! I went with Jean to support an Ottawa CoP. #AoHArnprior

– RT @inlifeawareness: The truth you believe and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new. ~Pema Chodron

– Fantastic cafe on what we as hosts do to prepare the ground for effective and engaging processes. Fishbowl harvest. Really good #AoHArnprior

– Deep circle to open the day. An invitation to share where you are. A witnessing of many deep shifts and much cracking open. #AoHArnprior

– With global vibration changing, attuning and recalibrating is only natural. Good for learning together. Sharing over breakfast. #AoHArnprior

– Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms. 12 minutes of bigger picture. Just watch it.

– Night walk, 11 of us, along the Ottawa River and into old grown pine. Silent. Good spacing between. Solo and group. #AoHArnprior

– Watched “The Age of Stupid” — Powerful documentary on realities of consumerism, peak oil, post carbon possibilities. #AoHArnprior

– Open Space Sessions. I called “Starting and Nurturing a CoP.” Networks bring us together. CoP grow from shared practice. #AoHArnprior

– Chaordic Path through improv. The 2 loops, emergence at scale roles, leadership acts, well-placed conversations. #AoHArnprior

– Check in with circle dance (Tenneson), followed by Resonant Voice work — the head, the heart, the belly (Jane). #AoHArnprior

– AoH is many practices, none of which is the Art of Hosting as a whole. Just like steaming is not the art of cooking. Chris at #AoHArnprior

– Waste is one of the most abundant resources we have. Aerin Dunford on Upcycling at #BerkanaWTW.

#AoHArnprior — A good start tonight. Cafe on qualities of life-affirming experiences that can guide us as we explore the next three days.

#BerkanaWTW: very inspired by Berkana family. Very clear on commitments and offerings. Easy in my breath. Feeling a web beautifully alive.

#berkanawtw – opening circle: “I want to serve well in places that serve me too.”

– Great day on the Bashakill north of NYC. Kayaking, hiking. Bald Eagles, Loons, otters.

– Groan Zone Learnings — Friendship might be the only thing that can be offered, and protection of space so that learning can happen.

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