Harvest — Salt Lake October Practitioner Group

A bit of harvest from our local monthly Practitioners Circle, hosted by Jennifer Hamilton and Glen Brown. Jennifer offered the harvest and links below.

To the Practitioner Circle in SLC – It was such a treat to co-host with Glen Brown at our last Practitioner’s Circle to gain support, feedback, and referrals for launching a HUB in SLC.

We opened the circle with the following question…
“Have you experienced an open co-working space? If so, how did it feel, sound, look and how did it affect your work, life, and play?…If not, how do you imagine an open co-working space to feel, sound, look…etc”

Here are some of the responses…
“It feels like a walkable community within a building, an interweaving/merging/layering of industry”
“Enhances the creativity of everyone”
“I see the Hub being a shining example for the SLC community..”
“Joy in sharing = less isolation = less burn out”
“Natural Materials, chimes, mobiles, warm lighting”
“Living Building which honors connection in an urban environment”
“Collective Ownership & Understanding”
“Hip, Innovative, Alive”
The HUB website was projected on the wall and we got to virtually visit the other Hubs around the world… HUB Milan and HUB Amsterdam were some favorites!
After a small break, thank you Glen for providing yummy Pad Tai wraps for everyone, we returned to discuss the Pros and Cons of launching a HUB in SLC. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of a HUB SLC!!! (I will provide photos soon).
With the information gathered I created the attached proposal for a HUB in SLC… which I then sent to several of the referrals give to me during the Practitioner’s Circle. And WOW!! Everyone is LOVING the idea!!
Full Harvest with Next Steps Underway
HUB SLC Proposal

Our next Practitioners Circle will be November 18th (third Thursday evening, 7:00 – 9:00).

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