Resonant Voice — Dialogue Poem

Dialogue poems are one way to harvest. There are a growing number of us that are catching the words spoken in circle, and with a bit of jazz-like play with them, turning them into poems written by the group. It is quite a thing for people to hear themselves through captured words and integrated images. This week at Arnprior AoH, Chris Corrigan, Esther van Gennip and I each offered some of this. For Esther, I think they were her first — and it was total standing ovation!

Here is the one that I harvested. It was some sharing from participants after being hosted by Jane Lindsay on the work, developed by the ADIEWA Centre, of finding our deep, grounded, belly voices — resonant voices.

And with thanks to Lorraine for her encouragement to me to further share harvest through audio files.

The written text is also below. Or download it here.

Additional Harvest
a few of my photos (my favorite, Harvest Faces from an OS group)
photo collection / movie (Diane King)
-Esther’s dialogue poem from a cafe on Preparing the Ground
-Esther’s dialogue poem from a closing circle on commitments and declarations, Hobbits Rising



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