Two Essential Framings

One of the poems that I included in my book, A Cadence of Despair, is a poem that I’ve posted before. “Only Momentary” is included in the chapter “Simple.” It represents some essence learning about impermanence even when there is a permanence that many of us seek.

Only Momentary

This place
is only a stopping ground,
attractive for its illusion
of permanence
and stability.

This place
is most lasting
in the awareness
that it is
only momentary.

There is some additional essence learning that I’ve noticed over the last couple of months. I think of it as two important points in a meta narrative and meta level invitation that welcomes a group into more curiosity and kindness together. These points rest behind what is a strategy and plans.

  1. Participate In An Inherent Mystery — from the get go, I like how this principle, this invitation, disrupts the expectation of certainty. It recognizes from the get go that there are unknowns. That there are uncertainties in any path. That there is unfolding that must happen, not just plans made in advance. That there is flow to be experienced, not just strict adherence to mechanical process.
  2. Contribute To An Imperfect Evolution — from the get go, I like how this principle, this invitation, also disrupts a long habituated expectation of control. Contributing to an evolution, an imperfect evolution, has a kindness to it. It’s not a fix. It’s an offering. For me it means giving energy to improvements and to experiments. It means growing awareness that what any of us do in the now feeds a longer arc. It’s an invitation to contribute with head, heart, belly and hands. It’s an invitation to contribute presence, insights, and learning that go beyond the moment.

So, I’m glad that there are many of us that are nuancing the way we are with what is momentary and with what is lasting. I’m glad that there are many of us that are bringing these kinds of framings and awareness to groups for the wisdom that it helps to grow.

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