Voices That Lift

I appreciate voices that lift. Voices that point to learning. Voices that unfold an honesty. Voices that invite presence.

Saoirse Charis-Graves is one of those voices for me, a Colorado-based poet and writer. She often writes in the form of Haiku. And in other short prosed forms. She experiments with grammar and structure in a way that I appreciate as a poet. Her style is one that I find clarifying.

See below, her recent post, Journey, on her blog, Streak of Teal. The picture above is from her blog. And sign on to get her posts as inspired. I’m glad for her words as invitations to becoming.

This path holds perils
Hot coals sear my feet, my soul
Breathing, hope glimmers


I was broken
the tiny crystal of Self
shattered beyond repair

There was no fixing
no redemption
no love that could save me

I tried

Time and time again
I hoped
this time would be different

One day
who knows exactly why or how
It happened on that particular day

Grace, perhaps,
an unknown spirit
breathed on me, In me

And so it began

A time of healing
of being seen

A time of gathering
being held

And holding on
…..to this new light
…..this new heart

A new start

2 Replies to “Voices That Lift”

  1. Gosh! I love being identified as a “voice that lifts.” Thank you so much for this beautiful attribution. I am both humbled and honored. And inspired! Your encouragement to put my writing “out there” has been meaningful and offered me many glimmers of joy. I find writing to be such a gift in that the opportunity to express something from what exists within me and then to discover that it may also serve others leans into that category of *bliss.* Who doesn’t want more of that?! Thank you, thank you!!

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