Walk Out Walk On — Salt Lake City

I enjoyed convening this event earlier this week. To introduce Meg Wheatley to several of my local colleagues and vice versa. To share some of the stories that our harvested in the book Walk Out Walk On, coauthored by Deborah Frieze. To further seed and support a shift toward a participative leadership culture in the Salt Lake Valley. To further support a global shift of how humans can be together in deliberate choice of belief and practice.

It was lovely. I enjoyed seeing so many friends in the room. Nice, simple format. Context setting and welcome from me. Simple identifiers with the participants (stand up if you…). Meg spoke for 20 minutes. Some on two loops model for how systems change, and some on the experience of walking out walking on. Lovely poetry. We had two rounds of small group discussions. The first on “when have you experienced walking out.” The second on “what have you learned from stepping in to the abyss and going to the edge.” A bit of that harvest is in this photo. Lovely points. Lovely connection. In the book signing time, many appreciations.

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