This kind of image so often captures my attention.

It’s the web, reminding me of connection.
It’s the impressive creation that spiders weave, reminding me to build and to let go.
It’s the dew bubbled, reminding me of the beauty of cohesion.
It’s the often invisible brought to visibility, reminding me of the importance of just the right kind of light.

All of these noticings guide me in the work I get to do with groups. All of these noticings guide me with the kinds of questions I like to weave into conversation among people as they explore their work and their lives together.

This particular picture is from a couple of mornings ago. The background leaf is rhubarb, which continues to grow in my garden with its enormous leaves.

2 Replies to “Webbed”

  1. I love the bubbles of dew. And the nearly invisible web that provides the underlying structure. It is like the energy that exists in a place where humans gather.

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