What Grows

I love this image of flower budding and growing, taken recently in St. George, Utah. I was there with a buddy. I was able to visit my son and daughter inlaw. I don’t know what this flower is. I’m just taken by its beauty. By its presence.

The relationship between inner and outer continues to grow as an important framing for much of the work that I’m able to do. It’s personal inner and outer, like the subtle nuancing that comes with any of us finding clarity of values and simplicity of expression of those values. Like the aha of realizing that we would do our jobs even if they weren’t jobs, because there is something we love in them. It’s communal inner and outer, learning to find our way together from places of generosity and curiosity. Like when we realize as a team or community that we care about each other and we care about what we can offer as a service or product in the world.

In the end, I suspect the energy of beauty and presence grows because it can’t not. It grows us. We grow it. In what we do. And, in how we simply are. Perhaps even moreso, we come to develop skills together to be good noticers of how beauty and presence matter, and are already available.

Here’s to growing a bit of that.

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