What If?

I am a person that is oriented to “what if” questions. I love the feeling of exploration. I love the feeling of going beyond the known. I have the feeling that exploring has been too often relegated to the non-essential.

I am also a person that so appreciates “guiding” systems. I love a series of three or four statements or images that stream together the whole of life’s many waters.

In that spirit, this morning I’m recalling a poem that I included in A Cadence of Despair: Poems and Reflections on Heartbreak, Loss and Renewal.

Some what if. Some guiding that has been important to me. Some streaming of wonder. Some flow of yearning. Some… encouragement.

What If, What If?

What if, what if,
this life could be lived
as connection to the infinite?

What if, what if,
the infinite were found
in but a thimble of experience?

What if, what if,
those thimbles of experience
were available anywhere?

What if, what if,
changed everywhere?

Perhaps life is but a dream,
calling for our waking
to the infinite of the everyday.

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