Who Do We Choose To Be?

This is a good book. It’s written by my long-time friend, Margaret Wheatley. Meg has influenced my life deeply since we first met 25 years ago.

I love the title — the emphasis on restoring the act of choice.

I love the the subtitle — “facing reality, claiming leadership, and restoring sanity” are three outstanding and needed practices.

I loves Meg’s ability to speak to the patterns in systems, and uniquely so, in these times.

The book contains these bold and important practices, for “Warriors of the Human Spirit.” Thank you Meg.

We have unshakable confidence that people can be kinder, gentler and wiser than our current society tells us we are. We rely on human goodness and offer this  faith as a gift to others.

We offer ourselves not as activists to change the world, but as compassionate presences and trustworthy companions to those suffering in this world. We embody compassion without ambition.

Our confidence, dignity and wakefulness radiate out to others as a beacon of who we humans are.

Our confidence is not conditioned by success or failure, by praise or blame. it arises naturally as we see clearly into the nature of things.

We create an atmosphere of compassion, confidence and upliftedness with our very presence.

We create a good human society wherever we are, whenever we can, with the people and resources that are available to us now.

We rely on joy arising, knowing it is never dependent on external circumstances but comes from working together as good human beings.

We encounter lifes’ challenges with a sense of humor, knowing that lightness and play increase our capacity to deal with suffering.



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