Why Blog?

Have had such a full month working with great people and teams. Less time for blogging. Perhaps even more accurately, additional time needed to sit quietly to integrate a wealth of experiences, and be as present as I can in the work.

I’m looking through some of those notes along the way. Keeping some. Discarding others. Filing a few. Here’s one that reflects a conversation with Chris Corrigan. I asked him one day, “what are you learning about your blogging practice?” My desire was to pay attention to what I was noticing in my own practice and learn together. Below are a few gems. Thanks Chris.

-in this world of open source learning, when I write it, it becomes part of me
-to share, to offer as one form of learning into a bigger field of co-learners
-blogging is a modern form of scratch pad, a place to make notes and learn in public
-a place to record my curiosity — a kind of fieldnotes
-a place to harvest learning that influences design work
-an improvisational canvas
-a medium for contributing to and bringing social communities together
-a practice of generosity — to link learnings to those with whom we are learning
-a medium to remember the whole — these times includes such a wild ride and experiment in living in self-organized systems

Already these practices are common for younger generations. And social technologies abound. I marvel at what is common place for my teenaged children that was not part of my younger life. Such an opportunity to express. And to learn. To connect. And I believe, to reform our brains and minds. Ah yes, a bigger topic for another day — this evolution of humanity in simple tools and practices that are new for our time.

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