Wisdom of Joy

Last call folks.

It’s a 4-week series online that starts this Thursday.

Our weekly themes respectively are commitment, activation, freedom, and flow. Our overarching purpose is to grow wisdom in and among us — for these times and circumstances in which we live.

We’ll be a small, intimate group. As always, it will be a mix of sharing stories, guided questions, invitation to encounter self and others, and curating a few important insights.

One of the things that I love about this series is that we are explicit in connecting joy to wisdom. It’s an effort to reclaim the importance of a clear and unapologetic inner being that carries to outer circumstance. It’s an effort to cut through the noise of difficult times, remembering that joy too, is not just something that others provide to us, but also, an inner covenant and choice for going about our human lives in wise ways.

Registration is here.

With gladness for your interest.

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