Wisdom Series Now Open For Registration

This is the sixth wisdom series that Quanita Roberson and I have now offered. We alter the general focus and themes as inspired so as to follow what most interests us and what feels most helpful to offer.

This series will run Thursdays in February 2023, each a two-hour online session. All of the details and registration info are here.

We welcome people who have not participated before. We welcome those who have that wish a return to the feelings and the teachings.

The general focus for this series is Grief & Joy. On the website, here is some of the why…

Human beings live in rather complex circumstances. For many, the pace of contemporary life demands urgency. It insists repetitive false narratives that pull us away from our more wise and soulful selves and communities.  

Grief gives us path to transformation, yet is so often overlooked and avoided. Only through grief can we truly transform things. Grief points us to letting go. To surrender. It’s deeply personal. Yet it’s also deeply communal.

Joy, so often displaced with the sky-falling news of the day, also gives path and practice to transformation. To celebration. To contribution. It too is deeply personal. It too is deeply communal. 

The edges of grief and joy teach us. The edges keep us honest. The edges point us to awareness. To wholeness. The edges bring us home to new world.

Yes, welcome, whether it be you registering, or gifting a registration to another who also wishes to come home to a new world.

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