Wise, Soulful – A Fire & Water Reflection

It is true that the first Fire & Water Cohort has completed. It was a group of 17 participants. From 20s to 60s. He’s. She’s. They’s. Community organizers. Educators. A farmer. A few entrepreneurs. A few managers. All leaders. We went together for 16 months. Plus a couple of months before that for applications and discernment. It was three five-day retreats, the first of which was October 2019. It was two five-day retreats online for CoVid adaptation. It was every other month whole-group calls. It was every other month small group calls. It was monthly online check-in. It was coaching support. Enough structure to support critical connection. And love. And grace. And journey. And passage.

I love a journey. I love a road trip. I love the mystery in it, the unknowns. I love going together in it. We are different together, aren’t we. I love the laughter. The tears. The ahas. The claiming. The arising of such palpable clarity born from self, and from self in community, and from community, and from community in self.

Fire & Water has been a journey. For all the reasons above. A journey of becoming that is different and more than a one-time gathering. That is different from a training, though also includes key skills. Fire & Water is a journey from which the outcome is deepened inner and outer awareness. It is a capability to inhabit self and the varied domains in which we respectively live. With integrity. With grounding. With aspiration. With inspiration. Fire & Water is a journey from which the outcome also includes deep rootedness in this time, this present moment of now, and how that is connected to the longer arcs that any of us inhabit. It is a journey that invites wisdom, not just more knowing of things. It is a journey that begets soulfulness, not just more masquerade of the surface. It is a journey that insists on realness, from which liberation naturally flowers.

Yes, all of that. Shimmering. In the autumn sun. Alluring with dance.

I’m proud of these people that have journeyed. I’m proud of this creation with my colleague and friend Quanita Roberson. I’m grateful that Fire & Water wisdom goes with each of these people. I continue to learn that growing presence together — being — makes all the difference — in the doing — that is ours for these times.

Do you wish to explore joining us for the 2021-2022 cohort? For a journey. The first step is an application. To begin your reflection. And then a conversation. To discern together.

With anticipation.

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