Your Being Wishes To Know You, Just As You Are

I’m grateful again to Michael Meade for his posts and shares. I’m drawn to this one above that points toward being from a deep center.

For many of us in facilitation work, it is the deep center that we try to cultivate. To grow. To animate. To center the work of the day or the season.

There’s a poem that I included in Most Mornings, which is now coming up on a one year anniversary of publication. It was that last line — “You’re being wishes to know you, just as you are.” — that was compelling me in this poem. It was a time of trying to remember that my relationship with the deeply inner helps to clarify so much of what I do in the outer. It was a time of trying to remember the utter fruitfulness of stillness.

The poem is called Start Here.

Start Here
Tenneson Woolf

don’t start with noise.

A program,
a podcast,

an article,
a book.

Start instead
with stillness.


that honors
new day.

Your being wishes to know you
just as you are.

Much of my work continues these days, helping to bring being and the deeply inner. Helping to cultivate such sustained orientations in learning and leadership. I’m beginning to recreate, expand, and nuance some of the work that I love — facilitating, speaking, teaching, sharing poetry, coaching, and guiding — that brings more fulfilling ways of being in work and community. Perhaps some of this also calls to you and your being, in your work and in your community. The first step is always a call to begin the possibility.

A bow.

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  1. and a bow to you as well.

    I love the reminder of this poem.

    Start instead
    with stillness.


    There is something about starting with that pause in the morning. I love that the window beside my bed is large, and the light comes up gradually, along with the bird song in the not-yet-risen morning sun.

    it’s not perfectly still. I am breathing. The birds are calling.

    I usually wake up before my 5am alarm. it feels like sacred time. time to ponder that elusive dream. time to settle in to the freshness of a new day. perhaps a new poem.

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