A Declaration of Interdependence

My friend and colleague Steve Byers recently shared this post on his site. He shares a bit of story about where this came from and who contributed. Some of it is below. It’s worth reading the full post on Steve’s site. I also love the invocation to do “one scary thing every day.”

A Declaration of Interdependence

 “The wise see knowledge and action as one” – Bhagvad-Vita

“Humans can handle anything, as long as we’re together” – Margaret Wheatley

“Working together is a necessity, not a luxury” – Suzanne Morse

“There is in all things…a hidden wholeness…an inexhaustible sweetness and purity, a silence that is a fount of action and joy” ­- Thomas Merton

“Citizenship is a way of being in the world rooted in the knowledge that I am a member of a vast community of human and nonhuman beings that I depend on for essentials I could never provide for myself.” – Parker Palmer

“Citizenship is the capacity to create for ourselves what we had sought from our leaders.” Unfortunately, “we have lost faith in people’s capacity to come together on their own and be productive.” – Peter Block   


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