Three Very Human Minutes

Nic Askew is an English filmmaker living in the US. He’s committed to films that show more of human experience. The raw stuff. The simple stuff.

His site contains this premise: “The causes of much of what happens in our lives lie far deeper than we imagine. Yet we seldom look far enough beneath the surface.”

I received a broadcast email from him this week. I got curious. I peeked at the film he was sharing, an introduction to some of his work. I laughed immediately as I watched these beautiful people he featured, well, laughing. And then sharing a few words that debunk some of the many myths of certainty that populate much of western thought.

Oh, how beautiful, I thought. I’m not a film-maker, though I admit there are many days when I wish I was. I’m glad to be in a field, however, that deliberately invokes a depth of humanity, very present human minutes, in service to deliberate and desirable futures.

Give it a peek, on his site, here. Just three minutes.

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