One Reply to “A Few Wonderings On Rest”

  1. ” … invitation to nurture and cultivate wise and soulful ways of living, amidst the passions that we humans care about.”

    I like those words — nurture and cultivate — it doesn’t “just happen.” I’m finding each person chooses … sometimes to remain in the place they know well, despite its pain, and sometimes to stretch into something else.

    I am currently encountering people (often white men) who are stuck in a place where their energy quickly moves them into a self-righteous posture. I’ve been that person at times. And probably still can be on occasion. But I’ve actively worked to step out of that into something else. To grow myself up beyond those old patterns.

    The interesting, most current version of “what about rest?” for me is being honest with myself about working with people who are entrenched. I’m wondering how to stop trying to “save the situation for the good of the organization” when that entrenchment is causing harm. At this point, mostly wondering. But I am recognizing that the old way — for me — of stepping in to rescue the organization is counter to all my efforts of self-care, compassion toward myself, and the necessary soul rest that I need to find clarity in whatever situation comes before me.

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