In Adams County, Ohio, at Hope Springs Institute, much of what was green in the abundant forests has now turned orange and brown. It is a completion of a growing season, well-tipped to rest. A completion.

It is in Adams County, Ohio, at Hope Springs, that a Fire & Water Cohort has just completed. What a treat to be in the company of eleven people so committed to the deeply inner, so willing to stay in learning together, and so willing to be changed from the inside out.

Of course, in completions, there will always be new beginnings that arrive. Such is the nature of our nature, we humans and the other living systems that we embody and that embody us.

But I want to celebrate and hold with some sanctity, the realness of completion. In this Fire & Water Cohort, it is 16 months. Completed as November now tips to December. Completion is these eleven people held in constellation, stars shining and burning through life happening, and as I think of it, through life circumstance readied because we have been readied. Completion is the invitation to celebrate, to raise our hearts and hands in jubilance, for the gift of being human together, soloed to community, and communitied to solo.

Beginnings will come. They always are. A regular miracle that finds its way each day.

But today, my celebration is completion. To this end, and to this now. With many breaths in, and out, that don’t need to be filled with anything more than the quiet joy of living and of being lived among such good people.

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