Just a Next Step

Spirit House, Hope Springs Institute — November 2022

Just a Next Step

Just a next step.
That is all that is required.
No blame or shame needed.
No guilt to serve.

A first next step.
And then the next after that will show itself.

Get out of bed.
Start the coffee.

Sometimes the next step is a pause.
From which a next pause then also shows itself.
No holes that need filling.
No vacancies that need worry.

A little more nothing
for a little while longer.

Ah, yes — principles of the Now
that continue to teach me an inner an outer kindness.

2 Replies to “Just a Next Step”

  1. You might enjoy “The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life” by Boyd Varty. Good audiobook, about 3 hours.

    There is a bit in there on how losing the track is a part of finding the track. And all you have to do is find the next track.


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