The Deeper Design

I’m appreciating this offering from Michael Meade. With wonder.

Life requires
that we live through the troubles of our time
in order to learn the deeper design
that we carry within.

To me, it speaks to learning, one of the deep purposes of life that my grandmothers helped instill in me. There is a particular kind of learning that has long been centering to me — it’s an appreciation of the mystery and the unseen, believing that there is always more unseen than seen. There is a thing under the thing under the thing. Feels enlivening to me. The “deeper design” of that points to the deeply inner living in relationship with the patterned outer.

And, to me, this passage from Meade speaks to a kind of patience and a kind of normalizing. I’ve found it very helpful to grow an orientation in me — “of course there will be troubles.” That’s different than “troubles are a sign of failure or having done something wrong.” We humans, I believe, are meant to find our way to both what challenges, and to what flows with ease. Again, perhaps some deeper design.

A bow to all of us considering such things.

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