Giving Thanks

It is Thanksgiving Day in USA. A holiday that sources back to European pilgrims arriving to the continent. Settling. Persevering. It sources back to appreciations of harvest, sharing, and inviting community. Turns out it is a much more complex story. All the neglected details, shadows, wounds, and so forth. Indeed. And here we are.

For me, Thanksgiving Day brings out extra energy of gratitude, which also has its complexity. Yet simplicity too. Yes to practices of awareness, wrapped in gratefulness.

So, today, a very random expression, of some gratitudes big and small. That live in my heart, belly.

Thankful for.
The computer on my desk.
The reasonably solid wifi that connects me to so much learning.
The pens and markers that I use to doodle and to map connections.
The watch that reminds of dear Toke, because it’s a Danish brand.
The artifacts — stones, shells, candle — that rest on the window ledge before me, also reminding me of dear friends.
The hoodie that I wear to keep me warmed on these early Winter mornings, and the memory of it being from my son.
I smile.

Such beautiful people that I encounter regularly, working with such moving purpose.
My kids, their spouses. My parents. My family system that so formed and grounded me.
My friends with whom I work and play and eat popcorn, and share a whiskey.

The space in a day to do a bit of nothing.
Or take a bath. Or ride the stationary bike.
And make a smallish turkey dinner, and use Mom’s recipe for candied sweet potatoes.
And listen to a book, a novel.
And sort a few finances.

I’ll call Mom and Dave later today. Just for hello.
I’ll watch a bit of football.
I’ll stretch my body, trying to further hope habit of flex in hips, shoulders, and back.
I’ll welcome Elijah. To laugh it up together.

Living with aliveness in learning and love.
Having a few key friends to turn to when it all goes to shit.
Celebrating life flowing.
Candles glowing.
Friends, friends — oh my.
People who show up to Fire & Water — oh my.
Dear mentors — oh my.
Dear mentees — oh my.

It grows.
This feeling of thanks.
That makes for such a compelling moment.
In a day. In a week. In a month. In a life.

Blessed be. From the inside out. With thanks.

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