A Few Words of Simplicity

A few words of simplicity that I woke with and wrote this morning. From some yearning. May they inspire. Or soften. Or welcome.

A Few Words of Simplicity — Tenneson Woolf

Just breathe.
Just live, with permission to attend to this moment.
Let go of obligation to the noise.

If in doubt, stuck, or in struggle, 
consider re-starting by following joy.
Even the tiniest of indulgences.

Let doing so coax out a vibrancy that already lives in you.
And then contribute it with others,
so that they might consider likewise.

Don’t be shy.
Or worried.
That time and season has passed.

Now is a time to harvest the heart,
to give thanks,
and with as much grace and kindness as possible,

meet ourselves and each other
in this breath, in this moment,

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