Joy Is Radical Self-Care

I am grateful for this passage by Cleo Wade. It was shared by a participant in the last class of the Wisdom Series — Presence, that I cohosted and convened with Quanita Roberson. The last week theme was Joy.

Joy, for me, isn’t denial of difficulty, nor naivety to circumstance. Rather, joy is choice, a claiming of what is available, that sits in relationship with sorrow and many other realities. With that choice, joy becomes entrance to actually be with more difficulty and complexity.

As Quanita and I shared for the 4-Week class,
We need wisdom in these times, to be helpful and adaptive.
Presence is gateway to wisdom.
Joy is one of the most fruitful ways to reclaim an ability to meet with kindness together, and with self.

And then we continue.

Yup, yup.

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