A Little Potpourri

The spirit of this Human to Human Blog is so often one of flow for me. I write most regularly what is in front of me, often unplanned. It all connects to a field of learning for me. Sometimes emphasized with ideas and learnings. Sometimes with questions. Sometimes with poetry. Sometimes with exercises. Sometimes with seemingly random connections.

I’ll be in family travel through the end of next week. So here’s a few things near me during the last few days.

Yes. Field of learning.

  1. It’s just fun to see the cat do what the cat does. She often owns the counter top. And on this recent morning, I happened to have Most Mornings on the counter. Read the book as inspired. Maybe see what the cat saw.
  2. In conversation in what has been monthly for near a decade, my friend Bill reminds me of the “incorporating” experience. I love exploring ideas with Bill. When he first spoke this I thought more of “integration.” But he’s inviting something different. Knowing in the body, in the corporeal form. Yup, I want to stick with that. Bill offered this line — “If wisdom is not in your body it’s just a rumor.”
  3. I quite like this Michael Meade reference — “The problem in most situations is not a lack of calling; but rather, a fear of responding to the call.” For many of us, why we create spaces of learning together is to foster courage to respond to the calls already present. Yup. Good again.
  4. In conversation with one of my faith community colleagues, Travis says, “A healthy sense of self (boundaries, clarity, longings) let’s you go deep in the relational of both knowing and being known.” Gem! For the many of us looking to foster the more profound relational through the simple of self and presence.
  5. In all of this, I’ve been stewing. And writing in my journals. Poetry and prose is one of the ways I most often find essence, the corporeal, courage, and faith.

For inspiration.

A most enduring potency I know
is being available for Now.

Right here, right now.

The Now,
this present moment, 
that fulfills and connects to all the others.

Another most enduring potency I know
is celebrating the Simple.

Right here, right simple.

The Simple, 
this vibrant invitation, 
that enlivens and delights so plainly.

Appreciations to all for continued readership, forwards, and love of potpourri.

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