Today Is A Return Day

Today is a return day.

From travel. It’s been 13 days of cathedrals, vineyards, castles, and rivers. It’s been dear ones. Thank you France, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland.

Today is a return day.

To this laptop. To emails needing attention. To projects and people ready to go. To sorting details left in short pause.

I prefer returns that “bring with” more than returns that “chunk” parts of me to leave behind. Or to forget.

I prefer remembering the coffees together. The immensity of cathedral and castle. The smooth glide of river boat. The feel of cobblestone under feet. The newness of love. The awe of things and peoples from very long ago.

Today is a return day.

From unique spaciousness of holiday.

Today is a return day.

To ongoing everythings.

It means start somewhere. It means celebrate. It means integrate. With added attention to kindness. With added and deliberate appreciation.

Today is a return day.

To life flowing in the other ways. Some small. Some large. Some simple. Some complex. Some with difficult sorrow. Some with exquisite joy flowing.

4 Replies to “Today Is A Return Day”

  1. Re-turning…another turn of the wheel…

    Enjoying the riff on yours…welcome home and happiness.

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