Learn Now

Learn Now.

It’s a theme that keeps coming for me. When I’m trying to get at what lives underneath. Sometimes in my own learning. Sometimes with others. Sometimes in Life’s unfolding simplicity and complexity.

Learn Now.

From the path. From the blossoms so abundant in Spring. From the people blossoming near and far. From the distant view. From the close in. From what is smooth. From what is rough. From what is constant. From what changes.

Learn Now. There’s always something. And somethings.

It’s a call to the belly for me. That brings heart alive. That brings intuition alive. That brings wonder alive. That brings contribution alive.

Learn Now.

Learn Nowness. Learn Now, in present moment. Of present moment. Learn of what is alive. Of patterns. Of unfolded life. Of Life coming to claim us.

Learn Now.

To be people in connection, sorting it all. The best we can.

Learn Now. Yup. Pretty themed on this one.

4 Replies to “Learn Now”

  1. I shared this beautiful blog post in my Grandmothers’ Circle this evening. It came alive in the brave safe space of elders sharing their “learn now.” With gratitude for your offering!

  2. This is beautiful Tenneson , learn now, from the distant, the close, the smooth, the rough., the constant., the changes…. Thank you 🙏🏽

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