And Another Thing About “Now”

I love this photo. Taken last week on a bus ride into the Swiss Alps. It’s the man standing in the boat that most catches my attention. Something about the color. On still water. Against a backdrop of rather impressive and steep mountain. I imagine him pensive. Reflective. Maybe, just maybe, reflecting on some version of “now”. Maybe calmed by it.

The poem below is a repost from last summer. Given the belly imperative of “now,” I notice I’m returning to writings and to conversations that lift relationship with “now.”

Enjoy. The original context of post is here. Thx for reading.

What now
in this great, great journey?

What now
that is slow, steady?

What now
that is quickened, changed?

What now
in this great, great unfurling?

Perhaps, just one now.
And then another.

Perhaps the journey
knows itself to unfurl.

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