A Readied Psyche

It seems that every year, sometime about this part of January, I find my psyche readied to return to some routines. Some day to day structure. Some simple and clear tasks. Some stick to it energy.

I think of these re-established routines as bedrock to feed the essential non-routine work that I do, growing myself and with others to live a life of surrender and contribution to flow.

I recently drove a few hours south in Utah’s mountains that turn to Red Rock. Went to see my 24 year-old son. So, longer drive, road trip imagery is in me.

From all of that, comes these words this morning, of some readied psyche.

For inspiration and clarity.

It is about this time of year,
when Christmas blends to an indistinguishable horizon in rear view mirror,
and when hoopla of New Years is plowed to road side,
that many of us get about the business of now.

Now it is time to return to the simple and mundane of miles set upon more miles 
that adjoin plain and regular hard-working with work-what’s-in-front-of-us creativity
in as much as we can see 
in the longview vista and in the sign posts right here, right now.

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