Wisdom Series Starts Soon

The next Wisdom Series (4 sessions, Thursdays in February) that Quanita Roberson and I host is starting soon.

All of the work that Quanita and I offer is intended to grow wisdom and soulfulness. We offer our work to cultivate a grounded and robust center — inner clarity. We offer our work to cultivate connection and learning-filled community — witness that alchemizes.

This Wisdom Series has focus on Forgiveness. We are asking ourselves questions about how forgiveness (and respective weekly themes of anger, grief, compassion, and grace) creates doorway to more wise living and working.

We are committed to nuanced attentiveness and learning that makes a difference in the ordinary of every day living and in the extraordinary of unique moment dreaming.

Registration links are here. Thanks for considering your participation. Thanks for considering gifting a spot to another seeking this kind of wisdom unfolded.

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