True To

The Irish poet and playwright Seamus Haney (1939-2013) writes,

The true and durable path
into and through experience
involves being true…
to your own solitude,
true to your own secret knowledge.

Yes, this one guides, doesn’t it.

One of the most essential journeys for any of us, I find, is to dare to lean to the sourcing that is found internally. In the belly. In the quiet.

The source of that source can be many things. But it’s the speaker that is inner self, yet in company with others, that feels so compelling to remember and follow.

It’s a main theme for me these days. For many of us working “true to.”

One Reply to “True To”

  1. true to the “me” that has waited a long time to be seen by … Me!
    true to the spark of divine life that lives in me, and has always been
    true to the wonder of discovery that I am held, I am loved as I am,
    I am cherished

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