A Second Day Among Three

We continue today. Great Facilitation: An Art of Hosting Intensive.

Growing on the the play, creativity, and experience from Day 1.

Recentering in the big story, for me which I often name as growing kindness, consciousness, and and ability to be in more flow with life itself. It has everything to do with our work, teams, families, communities.

Also recentering in the story that is learning and connection, with tools, methodologies, experience, and frameworks.

Today’s Design

  • Welcome & Context
  • Connection & Presencing (Pairs)
  • Self Selected Group Learning (Knowledge Camp)
  • Break
  • Whole Group Deepening (Circle)
  • Lunch (90 minutes)
  • Self-Organized Working and Learning Groups (Open Space)
  • Check-Out
  • Social Evening Together

A Day to deepen connection and field of learning. Among three. that further weaves us into three integrated days of humans wanting to learn, do good, find more of our way.

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