A Third Day

It’s rather sweet to be in an experience of connection, learning, and community. Day three of design from Great Facilitation: An Art of Hosting Intensive is below.

The deliberate theme of the day was one of convergence. It’s helping people get a bit more clear on some of what they are taking with them. Gifts. Impressions. Insights. Friendships. New awarenesses. Applications. Starting points. Courage.

What many people come looking for is tools. I alway delight when people say their version of “I got what I came for, and so much more.” I suppose the particular delight of that for me is that it’s often a statement of surprise from cumulative effect — the experience is not meant to be a transactional fulfillment in the first hour. It’s three days that has some inherent slow-cooking and integration in it.

The design below (and the last two posts, Day 1 and Day 2) is one of many ways to do this. Each Art of Hosting is customized. Each has a quality of evolving (made evident in most design processes that I’ve been a part of — waiting to design the third day on the evening of the second day).

And yet, it’s important to also know that what goes with customization are inherent and needed aspects of design that make an Art of Hosting an Art of Hosting. Things that keep the integrity of the brand and the experience. Which is why attending one AoH isn’t about gobbling it up and replicating it. It’s why this is a regional, national, and global field of practice. It’s why going together  with others that carry a few stories and familiarity with the field in the practice matters.

Well, glad for all of that. And Erin, Chris, Katie, Lea — our core hosting team. And for the group of 40 that leaned in to finding some path together. Of learning, connection, community, and applied practice.

Day 3 Design

  • Welcome & Context
  • Connection & Presencing (Whole Group)
  • Project Teams / Coaching (Pro-Action Cafe)
  • Lunch
  • Honoring Wholistic Selves (Movement)
  • Self Selected Group Learning (Knowledge Camp)
  • Break
  • Intention Setting (Personal, Partners)
  • Check-Out Appreciations (Circle)
  • Hugs / Goodbyes


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