A Shades of Life Conversation

It’s great to be in laughter and learning with friends. This picture above grabs some of that from a recent recorded conversation with Jerry Nagel and Kathy Jourdain. The three of us go back a ways, to some Art of Hosting experiences 15 and 20 years ago. And here we are, in this video, refreshing our friendship and colleagueship. It’s got, well, some great playfulness and wisdom in it.

We are playing with an idea to record a few conversations. We call them “Shades of Life” because we are each committed to that laughter and learning. The first recorded conversation is here. It’s 36 minutes. Thx for peeking. I hope you enjoy. And I hope it stirs some interest and curiosity for you in this great journey of being humans. And, of course, reach back to any of us. We’re following a few gut instincts that liberate some learning.

A few themes are in the description below.

“Three long time friends reconnecting to the threads of friendship,
joining together in conversations about the Shades of Life,
about things that have our attention, things that matter.

Pulling threads.

Tethers that keep us connected, through the lenses of renewed and ongoing friendships and relationships, grandparents, grandchildren, grandparenting, and lineages. Intergenerational threads. Creating relationships. Invitation to be part of stuff.

Hunger in the roots – who we lean on when our brains hurt.

Memories as gifts. Practices that keep us grounded. Recipes. Cooking together. Music. Love of learning. Curiosity.

We do need each other. Invitation to remain open in the heart.”

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