We Humans, Seek

I’m glad for this image of cattails from a weekend walk. I appreciate the beauty, the standing tall. I appreciate the mix among many other greens.

And then, in the spirit of appreciating beauty, both seeking it and welcoming it to continue to embrace, I reflected through a few words.

For simplicity and for inspiration of the stories that we humans live, and that live us.

We humans,
we seek joy.

Be it with friends,
or in endeavors of work,
or in evolution that is community.

That much I have learned.

We humans,
we seek learning.

Be it in the lettings go,
or in the lettings come,
or in the mysteries that live beneath it all.

That much I have learned.

We humans,
we seek contribution.

Be it in the small immediacies of now,
or in the long, slow-baked arcs,
or in the timeless ways that life unfolds.

That much I continue to learn.

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