Water Knows

It is the part of me that celebrates what is most simple, and what is most meaningful, that writes in simple phrases.

So as to guide myself. And to go well with others, in streams of wisdom. And kindness. And helpfulness. And overall life-giving ways.

The words below, for inspiration that calls out even more of what flows so naturally in the inner.

Be with what flows.
Trust that the waters nourish
asdgand replenish.

Kindness and joy
asdgare currents.

Water knows.

2 Replies to “Water Knows”

  1. I stumbled on this poem and immediately started singing a song in 3 parts! That doesn’t happen often. Maybe you were singing it too. Thanks for the inspiration from Duluth, MN, where the water that knows invites me to be with the flow daily! Hella Wartman 😊

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