On Practice

From Michael Meade's site, www.mosaicvoices.org.

I appreciate many of Michael Meade’s offerings. He’s been a longtime guide to many in the mythopoetic. I’ve learned about him through my continued commitment to men’s work. This photo above is from his Mosaic Voices website.

Through one of his recent broadcast emails, these few lines on practice inspired. They’re brilliant. I love the way he speaks simply of things so grand that must include body, mind, and soul.

Through a practice we become more genuinely established in ourselves,
we gain an emotional seating,

a place to dwell within ourselves.

A genuine practice means loving something enough to be with it again and again
in all the moods of our soul
and in all the waves of emotion that can flow through us, body and soul.

3 Replies to “On Practice”

  1. When I read these lines, I think of the way in which practice helps me connect to the aspect of myself that is whole, even sacred. The part of me that “tends” the parts of me that came out of brokenness, makes space for those parts and embraces them in gratitude even as it turns with clear seeing to what is present in the moment. When heart/mind/belly are connected to a wholeness and flourishing.

    1. Yes, this is good Saoirse. Appreciated. The deepest practices I know, or try to be in, point to a more grounded and whole nature, with and among others in Life flourishing. Thx for adding more words and images as you do.

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