A System Is An Inseparable Whole

This book above, A Simpler Way, first published in 1996, was written by two people that have unique place in my heart. Meg and Myron encouraged a simpler way to consider the future and friendliness of organization. They insisted a world view awareness that would call forth more inherent aliveness. All by suggesting that organizations are living systems. And that there are more life-giving ways to participate together as human beings in human endeavor.

I’ve been enjoying this book recently, reviewing it for use with an upcoming project. I’ve been appreciating this book again, for the poetic practicality that goes into inviting hearts and minds to a better good.

For inspiration.

“A system is an inseparable whole.
It is not the sum of its parts.
It is not greater than the sum of its parts.
There is nothing to sum.
There are no parts.”

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