An Orientation To Guide

If I were thinking computers, this would be a kind of operating system. It would be a few parts that connect other parts, a few algorithms, some impressive engineering, and some remarkable speed.

But today, I’m not thinking computers. I’m thinking about human life. I’m thinking about human life in the 2020s. I’m thinking about the involved circumstance and pressures that are part of everyday life for everyday people.

Since I’m thinking human life, what follows below is more an orientation. A guide. A few rules of life perhaps. A few values that for me have some roots in my grandparents, my parents, my family, and some beloved friends and colleagues along the way.

So, here’s some clarity for this human life, living in November of the 2020s, sorting through the times, the photos, the images, the crazy-making, and the caring that is these days. Words that come to me in the morning, following the gift of overnight slumber, and from the dark of a day yet to be greeted by sun rising.

There are clearly times when less is kind, and less is more. 

Get outside everyday.
Nature matters, even a short walk, a glimpse of sky, and wind that kisses face.

Pay attention to body.
It is vessel to hold us in the great changing.

Work shorter hours.
Integration requires wide berth, and is itself, important work.

Accept the pain.
It too is real, and denying it is too consuming.

Follow the joy.
It is a reliable clue, particularly upon accepting the pain.

Receive and give gifts.
Human civilization has always been fed by this.

Carry on with Spirit.
I suspect the Guides understand predicaments.

These are personal. But perhaps also, quite universal. To perhaps, guide, even if just for a few days.

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